• Length Ranges? (Russian hair)

    We suggest you make sure you order from the correct length range. For example, if you want 20" hair, don't order 18-20", and hope for 20". Order 20-22", and make sure you receive the length you need or longer. When you order, for example, 20-22”, you will receive hair bundles that are 20”, 21” or 22”.

  • How Many Bundles Should I Order?

    For lengths between 12-16", you should order 2 bundles. For lengths between 16-22", you should order 3 bundles. For lengths above 22", you can order 3 or 3+ bundles.
  • Can I Request My Color Preference?

    Our hair is virgin hair and therefore, color cannot be guaranteed. Please be prepared to dye the hair, as there may not always be your preferred color available.
  • Bundle Weight?

    Bundles come in approximately 3.5 oz. bundles.