Hair Care Tips

Should I seal my wefts?

Although quality virgin hair can last for years, wefts may need a little extra support sometimes to resist to the combing, brushing, sewing needle punctures, etc. If you choose to cut your wefts, make sure you seal them.  We suggest sewing around the weft rather than through the weft.


What products do I use?

We recommend using any high quality sulfate-free shampoo with any rich, moisturizing conditioner.  We suggest washing your hair in the shower in a downward motion, by following the direction that your hair is sewn in.


How often do I shampoo?

At least once a week, to avoid any products build up on the hair. Twice a week is even better! Please note: In order to minimize the risk of tangling your hair, make sure it is dry before you go to bed. We suggest letting the hair air-dry. If you are in a rush, you can use a blow dryer with a diffuser (for curly or wavy hair) to avoid straightening the hair.


Can I straighten L.O.V.E. Beauty hair?

Yes, you can.  You should use a heat protectant before doing so. Also, please note that heating your hair to high temperatures can damage it and decrease the amount of time it will last.


Can I color the hair?

Absolutely! You can use dyes on the hair just as you would your natural hair. Please note that repetitive coloring will damage virgin hair just as it would your own.


L.O.V.E. Beauty kinky curly hair  

L.O.V.E. Beauty kinky curly hair was made to mimic African American hair. With that being said, it is high maintenance! The tighter the curl pattern, the more work will be required.  It is important that kinky curly hair be properly maintained and cleansed often.  This hair loves moisture. However, DO NOT allow product build up in your curly hair. It will cause the hair to matt and tangle, which will result to shedding. Wrap your hair at night (pineapple method) with a silk or satin scarf.  We suggest caring for your extensions as you would care for your own hair. Remember that you want your investment to last for years.